Introduction – How a ducted heating system works

April 21st, 2014

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To understand the concept of how a ducted heater works in a house, first we need to understand the heating and cooling dynamics in the environment of the house. Introducing a heating system in a house requires certain calculations. First you have to find out which heating system suits your requirements. The ducted central zoning system divides your house into zones. You can specify your areas of more utility inside the house during day and night and apply ducting accordingly. This idea is economical as no heat is wasted in the areas where you do not go much in the house.

Now the question arises that how the ducted heater works? The ducted heating system has a centralized heating unit which has many outlets. These out lets are intelligently spread out in your house. The medium of spreading the outlets are ducts. They are sometimes installed on the ceiling or sometimes under the flooring of the house. It also depends on the construction of your house. If the floor is made of concrete, the ceiling is mostly preferred for ducting. The heat is gently spread out through these ducts. The heating unit is not openly visible to everyone in the house. It’s located at a hidden place.

The heating unit is programmed in a way that it works automatically. It sucks air from within the house in to an air grille. The cold air is taken into a place where it is heated inside the heating unit. The cold air is passed through the heat exchanger which is than heated up through gas combustion. Thermostat is the heating sensor, mostly used to sense the temperature of the air in the house. It maintains the desired temperature in the heating unit. After warm air is produced, it is evenly distributed through the out lets to the desired places inside the house.

How Air Conditioning Works

April 22nd, 2014


This article is all about how air conditioning works, you will find that the air conditioning does not only make a place be cool and temperatures be controlled during the summer times and seasons but also the air conditioner reduces the humidity and also makes the air purified. It forces cool air into your room, a building or space. It can be said that they both work similar to our refrigerators given how they keep our foods fresh and cold. The concept applied in a refrigerator is similar to the concept of the air conditioner.

Many homes have an air conditioner either at the sides, or at the back yard, with the aims of cooling a smaller area. This can either be a window air conditioner which many prefer using. But in offices the case is different; they have units on their roof but no matter the size or the shape that one chooses to use, then the effect is the same. Most air conditioners will function the same. Evaporation principle are also applied in this, just like the refrigerator. A gas commonly known as a Freon is used. This helps in the cooling system.

The compressor is the first piece of an air conditioning system. It actually compresses the conditioning gas. This process makes the refrigerator be hot and also under some pressure. It is the hot gas that will circulate through the air conditioner coils which are at the outside of the air conditioner. The heat dissipates into a liquid form just like in the refrigerator, the liquid goes through an expansion valve where evaporation takes place making the temperatures change to a cold state. The temperature lowers. The cold air that runs through the interiors of the machine does absorb heat from the inner side. The fan propels cold air out.

Fujitsu Ductless Air Conditioning – wowee

April 15th, 2014

If you are renting an apartment or have minimal space then this could be the answer to your heating and cooling problems.

The Fujitsu ductless air conditioning system as many benefits:

  • Able to be installed with minimal space requirements
  • 70% quieter than window based units
  • Heat or cool up to 4 rooms at a time
  • Suits apartment, unit or town house style living
  • Provides optimum air circulation
  • Insulated equipment boxes for super quiet running
  • Individually controlled indoor units.