Introduction – How a ducted heating system works

April 21st, 2014

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To understand the concept of how a ducted heater works in a house, first we need to understand the heating and cooling dynamics in the environment of the house. Introducing a heating system in a house requires certain calculations. First you have to find out which heating system suits your requirements. The ducted central zoning system divides your house into zones. You can specify your areas of more utility inside the house during day and night and apply ducting accordingly. This idea is economical as no heat is wasted in the areas where you do not go much in the house.

Now the question arises that how the ducted heater works? The ducted heating system has a centralized heating unit which has many outlets. These out lets are intelligently spread out in your house. The medium of spreading the outlets are ducts. They are sometimes installed on the ceiling or sometimes under the flooring of the house. It also depends on the construction of your house. If the floor is made of concrete, the ceiling is mostly preferred for ducting. The heat is gently spread out through these ducts. The heating unit is not openly visible to everyone in the house. It’s located at a hidden place.

The heating unit is programmed in a way that it works automatically. It sucks air from within the house in to an air grille. The cold air is taken into a place where it is heated inside the heating unit. The cold air is passed through the heat exchanger which is than heated up through gas combustion. Thermostat is the heating sensor, mostly used to sense the temperature of the air in the house. It maintains the desired temperature in the heating unit. After warm air is produced, it is evenly distributed through the out lets to the desired places inside the house.

Why Are Home Inspections Necessary When Buying a New House?

September 6th, 2016

Buying a home is the biggest financial investment that most people will ever make in their own lives. Many times, the decision to buy a home comes after years of saving and commit to making that huge investment. You want to understand that the investment you’re about to make is perfect, this is the reason for a property inspection is essential.

Property inspections are carried out by a group of experts who do a visual assessment of your potential home to uncover any existing faults, as well as identify any potential problems. In the other hand, you will know exactly what problems, if any, are fixed to the home you might decide to buy.


Apart from knowing what faults the home has before you buy it, property inspections also prevent any surprise repair bills you may encounter once you have bought your home. These professionals will also advise you as to what type of proper caring will be required to keep your home in tip-top condition.

Home sellers too will benefit from a property inspection. The seller will be advised of any potential problems that can be rectified before the house goes up for sale, which means that, as the house is in a good state, it will be sold a lot faster.

The great thing is that you don’t even have to be there during the property inspection – access to the house can be arranged with the estate agent. In fact, it is better for this inspector to carry out the testing on their own, as this allows him to concentrate fully on what he/she is doing, it can sometimes take some hours. However, it is perfectly allowed for you to walk around with the property inspector should there be any specific problem that you like to discuss.

Even if the property you are thinking to buy is brand new, a property inspection should be carried out. Shoddy workpersons do time occur and can cause problems, sometimes serious, that will only become evident later on. This, of course, could mean a lot of extra expense to you, the buyer.

This inspector is there to check for problems with the property that you might buy. If problems do occur, they do no any repairs or refer building companies or contractors to do the repairs. However, once the repairs have been carried out, the inspector will do inspections again to see that repairs have been completed and done so correctly.

Property inspections are so important, they are essential to ensure that the investment you’re about to make is sound and secure, by checking it from top to bottom, and one will not regret, inspectors also deliver to make sure that the property is safe and fit for sale.

Seek ducted heating repairs lilydale for professional advice regarding a thorough assessment of your home. Call the services from the team for a prompt building inspections that will fit your needs.

Building Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections: What is it and The Reason Why You Require It

August 25th, 2016

You should be happy and excited about the house or property that you have chose to purchase. When you know you have found the ideal house which you usually dreamt of, it is definitely something to be happy about. But it is best to have it checked out before you decide to complete the deal, due to the fact purchasing a property is a big investment and each buyer wishes to have the majority of what they are buying.

Pre-purchase house inspection is a precautionary measure you need to take in order to make sure you invest the money in the right home and you get the maximum return from it. Ensure you hire the services of specialist and competent inspectors to conduct property and building inspection for the house you wish to purchase. Qualified and professional inspectors know precisely what areas need to be evaluated.

Architectural strength is one such important aspect, and they also check out the property searching for symptoms of structural integrity. Internal walls, external sidings, roofing, floors, blocks are few main structural factors they examine. In case the place the home is situated has a cold temperature area, they are going to carry out a chimney assessment as well. By assessing these attributes the inspectors try to identify the problems brought on by decay, molds or water.

The degree of the damage exhibits whether or not suitable and acceptable water drainage systems are utilized for your property or house you wish to buy. Evaluation of the furnishings, water system and water pressure, electrical systems and heating system are also required to ensure that they are in good functioning condition as well as for fire protection. The inspection will also help to determine whether methods adhere to the specifications and standards needed in their particular requirements.

An additional vital aspect in pre-purchase inspection is Pest Invasion, in which they look for indications of pest invasion. Inspection for pests is essential since if you forgot to determine and properly remedy a pest invasion, it might lead to serious structural problems in the building or house. Pest inspection generally encompasses visual assessment and it might only point to probable pest infestations.

After discovering a pest invasion, the owners of the house or the property need to contact pest control providers to get the proper treatments and eliminate the infestation. One of several typical and major pest problems is pest infestation and most of times the people are unable to notice the issue earlier and it could be too late once they find out. That’s why yearly Pest evaluators are suggested to prevent problems that may cost you a lot.

Pre Purchase Building Inspection

August 11th, 2016

A pre purchase building inspection is a visual inspection of the home you are considering buying. It is a good idea t have it performed by a professional inspector, and involves an analysis of the condition of all the main elements of the house such as structure, roofing, heating and cooling systems, insulation, electrical systems, wiring, leaks, water damage and exterior condition.

Through pre purchase inspection you can be assured that the home you are considering buying really is your dream home. Too many people buy a home, only to find that it has all sorts of hidden problems which require extensive and costly repairs. Getting a pre purchase inspection will save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run, and prevent disaster from occurring. Some problems, such as leakiness, can result in irreparable structural damage to the home.

It is also a chance to learn all you can about your potential home. The inspector can give you information about the types of systems and components operating in the house, such as how they work, their life expectancies, and advice for maintenance. This can ease the transition into a new home, and make you aware of any future repairs so you can plan accordingly.

It is important to remember that no home is perfect, and most houses will have minor issues which can be easily fixed. Not many houses will have significant problems which preclude purchase. A pre purchase inspection will, however, ensure that you do not end up buying one of the few that d have major problems.

In New Zealand, one of the biggest issues you need to watch out for when looking at potential homes is the “leaky house syndrome”. Over a third of New Zealand homes have problems with weather tightness and water damage, which can result in water damage to structural materials and the growth of health damaging mould. A pre purchase inspection will reveal these defects; leakiness is often a sign of poor construction.

Investing in a building inspection before you purchase is definitely well worth it, allowing you to enjoy your new home with peace of mind, and the confidence that you have made a good decision.

Robert Smith is a roofing contractor and building inspection provider.

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Saving Money by Knowing HVAC Efficiency

August 9th, 2016

Energy Costs ReduceMany Evansville residents are looking to upgrade their older HVAC model to a newer, more energy efficient system. The experienced professionals at Baylor Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. want you to know that you’ll be saving money by knowing HVAC efficiency.

Why Energy Efficiency is Important

Studies have shown that as much as half of the energy used in your Evansville home goes to heating and cooling. So making informed decisions about your home’s HVAC system can have a big impact on your utility bills and the comfort of you and your family.

How Energy Efficient is My HVAC?

The efficiency at which air conditioners produce cooling is referred to as its SEER rating. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER, the greater the air conditioner’s efficiency at cooling your Evansville home.

Older air conditioning systems have a SEER rating of 10 or under. Today’s more efficient air conditioning systems have SEER ratings as high as 23.  The United States now requires that residential air conditioning systems manufactured after 2005 have a minimum SEER rating of 13 (window units are exempt from this law, so their SEERs are still around 10). The SEER rating is usually shown on a yellow and black EnergyGuide sticker attached to the outside unit of the air conditioner.

How Can Upgrading Save Me Money?

How much energy and money can your family save by upgrading from your HVAC unit to a modern, more efficient option? Let’s suppose your older air conditioning system had a SEER rating of 9. If you chose to upgrade to a SEER 13 air conditioner (the lowest efficiency available), you would potentially reduce your power consumption by about 28%. That can translate to energy savings up to $ 300 per year, depending on your usage rate and the cost of electricity.

Contact Baylor Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Today

Give us a call at (812) 425-8435 to learn more about our products and services. We’ll be more than happy to talk with you about the possibility of upgrading to a more energy efficient HVAC system.

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Ductless Air Conditioning: A New Choice

August 9th, 2016

The latest trend in residence air conditioning is called ductless air conditioning. These units typically include both interior and outdoor units. The compressor is set up on the exterior of the house. Two lines are run through the wall, which transfer coolant to the indoor air handling units. These systems normally incorporate several inside fixtures that can be located throughout the house.

The most frequent reason for putting in ductless air conditioning is due to its energy savings. The reason for this is easy. The typical system using ducts has to transfer cold air down to the lower level and then propel it back up throughout the home. A ductless system locates the evaporator up high, often merely a few inches lower than the ceiling. Accordingly the cool air can travel down throughout the house without being forced by a fan. You could save lots of energy and money if gravity does the work.

With this kind of air conditioning unit, you could be enjoying the benefits of more than one inside component. This means that you can cool down only certain regions of the house as required. For instance, you can deactivate the bedroom unit during the day. At the same time, your main living areas can remain cool and comfortable. This move on its own can slash your energy costs in half without even noticing the difference.

Because the cold air is distributed from near the ceiling, your floors won’t be as cold as they could get with central air. On top of that, the living space will become cool much faster. This is because of the fact that the ductless unit produces air that is often much colder than a central or window air conditioning unit.

Ductless air conditioning can also offer some helpful accessories. Many of them can filter the air or dehumidify without cooling. There are those that feature louvers that oscillate in order to help distribute the air throughout a broader area. A number of units can even provide you warmth in cooler weather.

But there are some negative aspects to going ductless. Often they are more costly than other air conditioning equipment, as much as 30 percent. As well, they most often must be installed by a professional. This is to some extent more tricky than central air conditioning, and a great deal more difficult than installing a window air conditioner.

After having weighed the pros and cons, you may determine that this style of residential air conditioning system will work perfectly for you. Many individuals find it more economical, convenient and very dependable. In addition, you’ll usually find that the added expense is recovered in a comparatively short span of time by way of your reduced energy costs.

Ductless air conditioning is becoming more and more popular as people discover its many advantages. Find out more about how to keep your cool at the Residential Air Conditioning site.

Why Should You Get A Pre-Purchase Building Report?

January 15th, 2016

Learn why every homeowner should have a house inspected before buying it.If you are going to buy a building, you must get an inspection done to find out about any problems. Property investment is a great way to increase your asset; however, you must be careful about your investments.

It is imperative that you properly enquire the location where you are planning to invest your hard earned money. If you do not get a pre purchase building report before buying any building then you might fall into trouble. You might have to spend more money beyond damage repairs. After all, no one would ever want to buy a building that is going to fall apart any moment.

According to, before you buy any building, it is important to get into an agreement with your seller that the deal will be done only if it passes building inspection. If you want the inspection report to be unbiased then you should hire a third party who will carry out the inspection.

Hiring a third party for pre purchase building report will help to avoid self serving reports. If the seller carries out the inspection then he might prepare a report that is inclined towards the positive side. On the other hand, if the buyer carries out self inspection then his report might be inclined more towards the negative side. When a third person is carrying out inspection then the report will be justified.

When the report is ready, the prospective buyer can determine whether he wants to buy. If there are damages or problems with the property, the prospective buyer can ask the seller to make repairs. If he agrees to make repairs then the buyer can move forward to seal the deal. However, if the seller does not carry out the repair work then the prospective buyer is not bound to buy the building. He can look for other properties where he can invest his hard earned money.


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How Air Conditioning Works

April 22nd, 2014


This article is all about how air conditioning works, you will find that the air conditioning does not only make a place be cool and temperatures be controlled during the summer times and seasons but also the air conditioner reduces the humidity and also makes the air purified. It forces cool air into your room, a building or space. It can be said that they both work similar to our refrigerators given how they keep our foods fresh and cold. The concept applied in a refrigerator is similar to the concept of the air conditioner.

Many homes have an air conditioner either at the sides, or at the back yard, with the aims of cooling a smaller area. This can either be a window air conditioner which many prefer using. But in offices the case is different; they have units on their roof but no matter the size or the shape that one chooses to use, then the effect is the same. Most air conditioners will function the same. Evaporation principle are also applied in this, just like the refrigerator. A gas commonly known as a Freon is used. This helps in the cooling system.

The compressor is the first piece of an air conditioning system. It actually compresses the conditioning gas. This process makes the refrigerator be hot and also under some pressure. It is the hot gas that will circulate through the air conditioner coils which are at the outside of the air conditioner. The heat dissipates into a liquid form just like in the refrigerator, the liquid goes through an expansion valve where evaporation takes place making the temperatures change to a cold state. The temperature lowers. The cold air that runs through the interiors of the machine does absorb heat from the inner side. The fan propels cold air out.

Fujitsu Ductless Air Conditioning – wowee

April 15th, 2014

If you are renting an apartment or have minimal space then this could be the answer to your heating and cooling problems.

The Fujitsu ductless air conditioning system as many benefits:

  • Able to be installed with minimal space requirements
  • 70% quieter than window based units
  • Heat or cool up to 4 rooms at a time
  • Suits apartment, unit or town house style living
  • Provides optimum air circulation
  • Insulated equipment boxes for super quiet running
  • Individually controlled indoor units.